“Applying Intuition”

This  is how Paul describes his talk:

“Intuition in the form of extrasensory perception (ESP) was used for practical purposes long before it ever became a subject for scientific research. With the introduction of modern scientific methods, applications of practical intuition have been improved and made more accurate. In this talk, I will focus on modern uses for intuition and ESP. I will discuss how ESP was used in military intelligence gathering; how it has been used in police work to help solve crimes, recover contraband narcotics, and find missing people; how it is being used in financial investing – for example how it is being used in sports betting and in the stock and commodity markets, and for other applications as well. This will not just be a presentation of theory. I will discuss and show actual cases where ESP (particularly remote viewing and dowsing) was successfully used to provide information that actually solved problems and answered questions where nothing else worked, and I will show how it is still being used today.”