Book summary

Hidden in the shadows of the intelligence world for 23 years, the top secret military psychic skill called remote viewing (RV) has now become a public phenomenon. This method of controlled clairvoyance, practiced successfully by military spies, has captured the popular imagination and now become the subject of many training methods and techniques for ordinary people. But until the publication of this Essential Guide To Remote Viewing, there was no definitive written road map to the “what” and the “how-to” of this form of practical extra-sensory perception.

Written by one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, retired Army Major Paul H. Smith Ph.D, a seven-year veteran of the military’s Star Gate psychic espionage program, The Essential Guide To Remote Viewing covers all the bases for a wide audience. Whether the reader is a curious investigator, a beginning remote viewer, or an old hand looking for a way to explain the practice to skeptical friends and family, this guide fills the bill.

Dr. Smith sets aside the hype and sensationalism that often surrounds the paranormal and instead delivers a smart yet sensible introduction to the science and practice of remote viewing. His more than 30 years as a remote viewer and remote viewing instructor in both military and civilian life have prepared him to compile this accessible book. As the title suggests, The Essential Guide introduces its readers to all the essentials of remote viewing, and also takes them step-by-step through the process of how to become a remote viewer.

This guide reveals stunning remote viewing successes, makes sense of the science behind the phenomenon, shows how remote viewing is being successfully used today, details hands-on beginner training exercises, and even shares pointers on how to choose a reputable teacher if the reader decides to seek further instruction.

In an era when science is starting to acknowledge just how much we still don’t know about the profound abilities of the human mind, The Essential Guide To Remote Viewing is a place to begin tapping that potential.

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