Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann (1933-2013) is widely regarded as the originator of the remote viewing protocol and much of its methodology. Applying an experimental model he proposed,  he conducted the first definitive remote viewing experiment in New York  City in 1971, together with colleagues at the ASPR (American Society for Psychical Research).  He went on to affiliate with Dr. Harold E. Puthoff and Mr. Russell Targ to form the CIA-funded consciousness research program at Stanford Research Institute (later SRI-International), which evolved into the research arm of the military remote viewing program eventually known as Star Gate. I first heard of Ingo in 1983 when I was recruited into the military program. I met him in person in January 1984, which was the beginning of a three-decade long friendship, some of which I document here in pictures. (Read more about Ingo Swann here!)

Ingo Swann and Paul H. Smith in 2005

Ingo Swann and myself (Paul H. Smith) on the steps of Ingo’s building on the Bowery in New York City during the summer of 2005.  I had been in New Jersey filming a segment for the History Channel on remote viewing, and came in to the city to spend some time with Ingo.

Ingo Swann and Paul H. Smith in 2005

Ingo and I on a bench in a park near his house. I was in the city to speak at a counterterrorism conference being held in the New York Athletic Club, located on the south side of Central Park.  After the conference ended I stopped by to visit Ingo.

Ingo Swann feeding squirrel and pigeons

During that same visit in 2006, Ingo had brought along to the park a bag full of bread crumbs or something, and at some point said, “Watch this,” and went over to coax a squirrel and some pigeons to approach him using the food he had brought. I think he wanted to show me he could generate a little rapport with animals, not just humans — even if it involved bribery!

Ingo Swann sitting in front of his painting "Lightbearer."

I took this photo of Ingo also during the 2005 visit.  We were in Ingo’s basement studio, and his was sitting on one of the very ancient and fairly ratty couches that he used for furniture.

Ingo Swann standing in front of his painting Millennium

In this photo, Ingo is standing in front of his painting “Millennium” during the only public exhibition of the painting during his lifetime.  The photo was taken in 1985 by Jeanie Betters, the secretary for what later became known as the Star Gate remote viewing program (at the time the program still operated under the name “Center Lane”).

Ingo Swann with Paul H. Smith's kids in 1985

Here is Ingo with my three children (left to right James, Christopher, and Mary Elizabeth). My family and I were going on a vacation to Maine with fellow remote viewer Tom McNear and his family in the summer of 1985. We stopped in to visit Ingo on our way north.

Ingo Swann with James Paul Smith

Here is my now grown son, James, with Ingo 17 years later in Austin Texas for the 2002 Remote Viewing Conference.