Harold E. “Hal” Puthoff

Without Harold E. “Hal” Puthoff, remote viewing might never have been introduced to the US government. It was he who made the connection with Ingo Swann and conducted an experiment at the Stanford University Physics department to test Swann’s psychic skills…and succeeded. After an informal write-up ended in the hands of the CIA, they came calling and the end result was an active program using ESP in support of US national security needs that lasted for 23 years. Hal lead the program for some 13 years, until being made an offer he couldn’t refuse — to become the director of his own leading-edge physics research laboratory in Austin, Texas, where he is still active today. (Read more about Hal here!)

Smiths and Puthoffs out for dinner in Austin Texas, May 2014

Here is my wife Daryl and I with Hal and Adrienne Puthoff after dinner at Chuys Mexican restaurant in Austin, Texas, on May 31, 2014, a week before we moved from Austin after 17 years.

Hal Puthoff with one of Paul H. Smith's students

Hal Puthoff with one of my students after a remote viewing lecture in 2013.

Hal Puthoff researching in his office in 2000

I dropped by Hal’s lab one day in 2000 and found him researching in his office.

Hal Puthoff in 2013 lecturing to students of Paul H. Smith about remote viewing

I have a regular agreement with Hal to lecture to each one of my Basic Courses about the early days of remote viewing and the science behind it. My students consistently report that it is one of the highlights of the training. Here is Hal with one of my classes in 2013.

Hal Puthoff in his lab in 2005

Hal Puthoff in his laboratory in 2005.

Hal Puthoff (left) with Ingo Swann in the mid-1970s

Hal Puthoff (left) with Ingo Swann in the 1970s