Photo Gallery of Remote Viewing Personalities

Below are links to individual pages with photos and commentary about remote viewing luminaries and others important in the remote viewing/remote perception world. The commentary is in first-person as I often comment about my own experiences and relationships with these fascinating individuals. You will want to keep coming back to see what is new, since I continue to add to the collection as I get time or come across photos that I have filed away and then rediscover.

Ingo Swann  

Harold E. “Hal” Puthoff, Ph.D.

Russell Targ

Dale Graff

F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater

Ed May

Hella Hammid

Lyn Buchanan

Marsha Adams

Tom McNear

Stephan Schwartz

Jessica Utts

Jacques Vallee

John Alexander

Mel Riley

Joe McMoneagle

Sally Rhine Feather

Gabrielle Pettingell

Robert A. “Bob” Monroe

Pat Price