Practice Targets

Instructions for using this Practice Target page:

  1. Below you were see a series of numbers. Each number is the reference number for an individual practice target. This number is a link to the feedback photo/information about that target. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS NUMBER until you have completed your session. On a slip of paper, write down the target number for the target you choose to try to remote view.
  2. Gather a few sheets of blank paper and pen in a quiet place where you will be free to work undisturbed for the time necessary.
  3. Write your name and the date in the upper right hand side of the first sheet of paper.
  4. When you are ready to begin, copy the target number from the slip of paper you previously wrote it down on. This is your “ready-set-go” number, and you should begin remote viewing as soon as you write it down on the first page. Follow the guidance on how to do a simple remote viewing session as provided in Chapters 8 and 9 of The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing.
  5. Once you are done with your session, write “end” and the time at the bottom. You are free now to click on the numbered link and compare what you got to the actual feedback. I recommend once you’re done that you print out the image and attach it to the back of the sheets of paper on which your remote viewing session is recorded.

150608AAA                                 150608AAB                               150608AAC

150608AAD                                  150608AAE                              150608AAF

150608AAG                                  150608AAH                             150608AAI

150608AAJ                                   150608AAK                             150608AAL