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No excuses. It’s time to get off the sidelines, jump  in and start remote viewing for yourself. A leading remote viewing instructor for decades, Paul H. Smith ahs produced the book that you have long awaited…” – Col. John B. Alexander, Ph.D. (US Army, ret.) Author, Future War: Non-Lethal Weapons in Twenty-First-Century Warfare (2010)

It is refreshing to find out in this 21st century the writing of Major Paul H. Smith, a pioneering researcher in the field of remote viewing. The books read at times almost like a fiction novel except of course it is non-fiction.  What I found remarkable and refreshing is not only his introduction of the field to the reader but the opportunity he has given them involve themselves in the practice of remote viewing…Major Smith’s new book is one of the best intros I’ve seen in years, and rest assured that it’s written with the highest integrity.” – The Amazing Kreskin

Remote viewing is “psychic” perception of distant, hidden or future things, places and events. It sounds like magic, or sheer fantasy. It’s not, as Paul H. Smith, PhD, explains lucidly…The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing not only sets out the basic protocol and methods used by the long-classified operational program, it addresses many puzzles: how was this startling skill discovered, why was Star Gate closed by the CIA despite its successes, can remote viewing be used for financial profit as well as learning more about the mind? And it’s fun to read!” — Damien Broderick, PhD, author of Outside the Gates of Science (2007) and co-editor of Evidence for Psi (2014)

An easy to understand, but brilliantly written starting point for any journey into the undiscovered territory of human consciousness.” – George Noory, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host, Coast to Coast AM

“This is the first book that I should have read when I became interested in remote viewing.” Shane Ivie (review)  Aperture, Issue 29, pp. 30-31

“Paul’s Essential Guide is required reading for anyone with more than a passing interest in the subjects. It creates a respectable and open-hearted atmosphere for exploring what might become something that will really make a difference for us. It is easy to trust what you read in his book, as he is less interested in selling a unique method than getting us all to embrace and explore a reality that opens more questions than answers.”–Dr. Henry Reed (full review: )

“Very good book, well written, very informative…Thank You Paul!” – Don Eagle

“For months now while meditating I kept seeing an old fashioned type key image. I tried to decipher the meaning and thought it could possibly mean that new doors are opening for me. Then I received [Paul’s] book, and what is on the front cover? The same key I have been seeing in my meditations.”–Tracey Burns

“Your book is indeed just what the doctor ordered as far as expressing clearly all those things I try to convey to people who ask me all the usual questions when I tell them I am a remote viewer. Long overdue in the field! I will be directing everyone with a serious interest in learning more to your website to purchase the book.”–Vicky Mallika Lupperger

“[This] is a very good book and I learned a lot from it.” – Lillian E. Waters